1.5P Pe twin-tube insulation for air conditioner 1.5P Pe twin-tube insulation for air conditioner 1.5P Pe twin-tube insulation for air conditioner 1.5P Pe twin-tube insulation for air conditioner

1.5P Pe twin-tube insulation for air conditioner

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USD 0.1-3 / Meter
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1000 Meter
Supply Ability:
140000 Meter per Week
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L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, Credit Card, PayPal
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  • Brand Name: SUNFOAM/ OEM

    Model Number: SF001

    Place of Origin: CHINA

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  • Packaging Details: Plastic bag or according to client's requirement
  • Delivery Detail: According to the quantity


we are manufacturer and we have full range production line for LDPE Foam extruding, embossing skin, covering tube, assembling copper tube into PE foam insulation tube.

1.5P Pe twin-tube insulation for air conditioner

  Our embossed PE insulation sleeve tube has three-layer structure: Outer layer embossing process is smooth, beautiful, anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet; Inner layer is independent foam with bubble structure, unique formula, good insulation resistance, resistance to high temperature of 95 degree without deformation; The insulation sleeve tube is twin-tube combination and easy separation, easy installation, beautiful appearance. Installed with copper tube or Cu-Al tube it is the best choice for connecting indoor and outdoor of air conditioners. 
  This sleeve tube is made of polyethylene(PE) closed-cell foam, the tube has no interface cracks with small water absorption and good insulation properties, and does not corrode steel tube and copper tube. The surface of sleeve tube can be fixed with a layer of embossed Pe sheet. This sleeve tubes can be widely used for air conditioning insulation pipe and protective sleeve of metal pipes.

  Technical Parameter
Thermal conductivity 0.027-0.030W/m.K 
compression strength 160KPa 
Operating Temperature -50-+100ºC 
Fireproof Performance B2
Elastic Restoring Rate 90% 
Tubing  as table for dimensions
Resistance To Tensile Stress   180KPa 
 Flame Resistance oxygen index 18-25.5 
Density 20-35Kg/m3 

 1, Dimensions for Twin-tubes

      Wall Thickness
No.. Type of Air-conditioers ID of twin-tubes 8mm 9mm 10mm 12mm 15mm
1 1 HP Φ9×Φ12mm 1 HP×8 1 HP×9 1 HP×10 1 HP×12 1 HP×15
2 1.5 HP Φ9×Φ15mm 1.5HP×8 1.5HP×9 1.5HP×10 1.5HP×12 1.5HP×15
3 2.5 HP Φ9×Φ19mm 2.5HP×8 2.5HP×9 2.5HP×10 2.5HP×12 2.5HP×15
4 3 HP Φ12×Φ19mm 3 HP×8 3 HP×9 3 HP×10 3 HP×12 3 HP×15
5 4 HP Φ12×Φ22mm 4 HP×8 4 HP×9 4 HP×10 4 HP×12 4 HP×15
6 5 HP Φ15×Φ22mm 5 HP×8 5 HP×9 5 HP×10 5 HP×12 5 HP×15

 2, Dimensions for Single-tube

No.. ID (inch) ID (mm) ID(inch) x Wall Thickness (mm)
1 1/4"×N Φ9 1/4"×6mm 1/4"×8mm 1/4"×10mm 1/4"× 12mm 1/4"×15mm
2 3/8"×N Φ12 3/8"×6mm 3/8"×8mm 3/8"× 10mm 3/8"× 12mm 3/8"× 15mm
3 1/2"×N Φ15 1/2"×6mm 1/2"×8mm 1/2"× 10mm 1/2"× 12mm 1/2"× 15mm
4 5/8"×N Φ19 5/8"×6mm 5/8"×8mm 5/8"× 10mm 5/8"× 12mm 5/8"× 15mm
5 3/4"×N Φ22 3/4"×6mm 3/4"×8mm 3/4"× 10mm 3/4"× 12mm 3/4"× 15mm
6 7/8"×N Φ25 7/8"×6mm 7/8"×8mm 7/8"× 10mm 7/8"× 12mm 7/8"× 15mm
7 1"×N Φ28 1"×6mm 1"×8mm 1"× 10mm 1"× 12mm 1"× 15mm
8 1-1/8"×N Φ34 1-1/8"×6mm 1-1/8"×8mm 1-1/8"× 10mm 1-1/8"× 12mm 1-1/8"× 15mm
9 1-1/4"×N Φ36 1-1/4"×6mm 1-1/4"×8mm 1-1/4"× 10mm 1-1/4"× 12mm 1-1/4"× 15mm

 The Inner diameter 6-40mm, Wall thickness 8 ~ 20mm, can be made according to customers' requirement.

LDPE Foam Hot Water Pipe InsulationLDPE Foam Hot Water Pipe InsulationLDPE Foam Hot Water Pipe Insulation

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LDPE Foam Hot Water Pipe Insulation

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